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Mountain Guides


Having studied the development of the tourist market, we came to the conclusion that for the convenience of travelers visiting countries, so that they could serve the same country.

​It gives an opportunity to   travelers not to change cars, the driver, the guide and other tour leaders without the urgent need.

We can arrange tours for your both on the territory of  Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. You can continue your tour on the territory of Kyrgyzstan without changing service staff and you don’t have to look  for additional information about the next country visited.

Thank you for coming with us.

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Горно-Бадахшанская обл.

Таджикистан, Горно-Бадахшанская обл., Мургаб, Borubekova. 4


Кыргызстан, Кыргызстан, Бишкек, DJAL-ARTIS 13/1206

Mountain Guides

Таджикистан, Мургаб
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