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Hongxing Machinery

As a purely natural stone, pebbles are hard, resistant to pressure and corrosion. The pebbles directly mined cannot be used directly, but are processed through a series of crushing. There are many machines that can crush cobblestones, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc., which can crush cobblestones. Which machine is better for crushing cobblestones, one How much does this jaw crusher machines cost? The following is a simple analysis for everyone.

The pebbles have a relatively high hardness and are somewhat difficult during the crushing process. There are many crushing types of equipment on the market, but there are certain differences in the processing materials of different performances. If it is improperly selected, it will not only cause equipment to wear, but also will not achieve the desired result. Which crusher is better for crushing cobblestones? Because of its high hardness, cobblestones need to be coarsely broken first, then finely shredded. The effect of the coarse crushing equipment is better.

What are the advantages of jaw crusher as a device for crushing cobblestones?

Jaw crusher is a piece of early crushing equipment with mature technology and it is a widely used coarse crushing equipment. The jaw crusher with strong adaptability has a large crushing ratio and is suitable for crushing high hardness, medium hardness, and soft ore. The fixed crushers can crush large pebbles to medium-sized granularity.

Here are details about what jaw crushers can bring to you

  1. From the production capacity point of view: the jaw crusher adopts deep V cavity-type structure, expands the feed inlet, increases the feed amount, and improves the treatment efficiency to ensure that the actual feed and the ideal feed amount can be consistent. The crusher's discharge particle size and feed size are adjustable, so it has a wide adaptability range and can meet the crushing production needs of different users.


  1. From the perspective of equipment structure: the jaw crusher such as PE jaw crusher, CJ Euro jaw crusher has been continuously optimized. It also has a compact structure, small size, lightweight, simple system, easier operation, convenient maintenance, greatly reduced downtime, and increased production.


  1. From the perspective of energy saving: the thickness of the slab, the span of the dent and the bending moment are large. Besides, the sputum is narrow and deep, the wearing parts are less consumed, and the service life is long. The jaw crusher with double-toggle jaw plates, zero suspension, and negative support can save you about 30% energy compared to other equipment.


  1. From the perspective of environmental protection: the crusher has low noise and less dust, which is conducive to the development of environmental protection, and the system can save more than double energy.
  2. If you are interested in our crusher machine, please contact us on the website. https://www.hxzgcrusher.com/

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Hongxing Machinery

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